Photography with a touch of difference. 

In these images, I am looking to capture something different leaning towards the abstract......... to capture something that is, in a way, not normally seen. I am trying to trap the form in the clutch of a camera lens where the shapes and colours are coaxed out thus creating an image that is engaging to the eye.

Abstract photography can produce very dramatic images.  It relies on a sense of colour, form and curves, not relying on detail.  Abstract images can also be very powerful  and that is all the justification it needs.  The advantage is abstact images can be created almost anywhere. Images can arise from objects around the home, garden  and surrounding neighbourhood. 

Nature - Abstract Photography - colour and monochrome

Abstract Photography

`Weather Gauge` - `Galileo Thermometer` - Abstract Photography

First envisioned by Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642) in his search for an exact temperature measurement.

`Lighten Up` - Light Bulbs - Abstract Photography

`In The Kitchen` - Objects and Food Photography

`Time Keeper` - Abstract/General Photography

`Angel`s Calling Card` - Abstract Photography

`To The Letter` - Abstract Photography

`Biker` - Abstract Photography

N.B Please be aware that individual monitors will display minor differences in tone and colour.

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