Original To Digital

We were asked to do a digital make-over of an old and tired family photo taken around 1949. As can be seen on the image on the left, we have transformed this old photo to a black and white image on A4 size glossy photo paper. 
Old and cherished photos that are torn and stained with a sprinkling of unsightly marks are a hindrance to the memories captured long ago. Nestled beneath all the debris of time is a photo longing to come back to life.  Resuscitation is at hand at West Country Galleries Photography.  If you simply want to brighten some faded photographs we can restore and brighten them up so you can enjoy them and award them pride of place in your home.  
Restored photo has been further enhanced by a white and black double mount and a glossy black frame surround.

Black gloss frame with white mount surround. Old photo restoration.

Strike back at those faded memories with a dusting of digital influence. 

From this 

To this!