Black and white photography is often seen as `timeless`, and it is said that many photographers and viewers tend to think of black and white as more artistic than the popular  colour counterparts. A black and white image has a surreal and almost dreamlike quality, too; it looks cleaner and has greater depth than a colour image. 

Interpretations of monochrome: 

Black is for sophistication, power, mystery,formality.

White is for freshness, hope, light, purity,coolness. 

Grey is for  stability, security, authority, maturity

Black and white photographers of today who remain the gold standard in black and white photography.

  • Ansel Adams. 
  • Robert Frank.
  • Mary Ellen Mark. 
  • Irving Penn. 
  • Henri Cartier Bresson. 
  • Richard Avedon. 
  • Diane Arbus. 
  • Dorothea Lange.

Colour in photography can create mood, emotion, warmth, coldness and much more. Colour in an image can also be imperative to the narrative of the image. For example if the image is of a warm beach then warm colours in the image can emphasizes the narrative of this. 

Interpretations of colours: 

Yellow is for joy,energy,warmth 
Purple is for luxury, magic,spirituality
Pink is for romance,beauty, love, sensitivity 
Red is for style, energy, daring, passion 
Blue is for peace, calmness,tranquillity,sincerity
Green is for life, growth, environment, relaxation, freshness

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